Show and Tell

One of the future events will be to welcome Show and Tell’s Leejone Wong and a few presenters to start up the discontinued series. Show & Tell began at 184 Kent Avenue, in Brooklyn, and later moved to Monkey Town after 184’s habitants were evicted. You can read more about Show & Tell, in this article in the Village Voice.

Below is an example of what a typical evening rundown looks like so you know what to expect!

1) THE FIRST DISAPPOINTMENT Some Melodies Regarding Blood Moons, Telegraphy, Rapture, Revolt, and Revival, as well as Comets, Meteor Showers, the Aurora Borealis, the Burnt Over District, and the Great Disappointment was performed by an eight-vehicle orchestra on the 28th of July. At Show and Tell Mary Walling Blackburn and Danyel Ferrari will have a multimedia presentation about this performance. A suite of songs was composed by various musicians including participants of the Bang On a Can Music Institute. Vocal and instrumental components are played separately through individual car stereos, collectively creating a complete song within the circle.

2.) Emiko Kashara will present SHEER, an ongoing participatory sound and sculpture installation exploring stories of loss from people around the world in the context of completed works. In Japan, Emiko is widely exhibited and was known for her sculpture and later for a variety of media such as video installation and performance work. Since moving to New York, she has exhibited all over the world, most recently at the Sydney Biennale,and at the Volkskundermuseum graz, Austria

3.) Kristin Dombek -THE FOUR SHOPPING CARTS OF THE APOCALYPSE Taking the current controversy over the role of American evangelicals as a starting point, I’ll perform an illustrated essay about evangelical portrayals of Jews, when evangelicals drag as Jews, why evangelicals think they make the best Jews, and what theme parks and evangelical performances can teach us about the fetishization of Jerusalem and Israel.

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